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FiveFold Healthcare

Make the difference
for your patients

FiveFold Healthcare

Make the difference
for your patients

Transform your patients ‘user experience by customizing health services, simplifying clinical processes, protecting patients’ privacy, sensitive data and medical devices.

These are just a few of the advantages that can be achieved thanks to an efficient, scalable and secure network infrastructure.

Improve health services quality for your patients through IT services that can be customized based on your business needs. Thanks to our Healthcare Sector solutions you’re now able to revolutionize your healthcare facility, connecting patients, doctors and machinery.

Download the FiveFold White Paper Healthcare section. Inside you’ll find useful data and all the latest market trends on how to implement quality IT services in your healthcare facility.

What do we offer?

Free Consulting

We offer a free consulting service in order to understand our customers’ specific business needs and achieve complete and customized solutions.

Network infrastructure

Implementation of the best innovative technologies on the market to guarantee equipment and performance quality, modularity and scalability of solutions.

FiveFold Monitoring Services - Assistenza telefonica

Support & Monitoring

Network monitoring and support service 24/7 provided by certified personnel with many years of experience in the field.

Adjustable Prices

Adjustable payments with mostly fees without any initial investment. We are Cisco’s Premier partners

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Pre Deployment

Pre-configured Plug & Play infrastructure tested in our laboratories to reduce times and on-site implementation costs.

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IT Security

Secure connection of all medical devices and equipment, access control, utility profiling, network monitoring and proactive detection of cyber threats.

Wireless Design

Thanks to a designed and simulated coverage in the laboratory, you get optimal results and extraordinary performances.


Periodic reports on the performance of the corporate network infrastructure to constantly monitor all connected equipments and machineries.

Real time Analytics

Exploit your operational real-time Analytics guaranteed by wifi network, in order to provide a better patient experience. You can now build costumer loyalty with your patients and see them return to the facility for future needs.

Simplify your workload and optimize all internal clinical processes

Thanks to wireless technology it is possible to share real-time diagnosis and medical reports between medical and nursing staff. You can enable remote access to the network while maintaining full visibility of your network infrastructure by profiling utilities, VPNs and monitoring and accessing control solutions.

Optimize your IT infrastructure and processes

For the business and IT activities of a healthcare organization, newer technologies can boost profits, maximize efficiency, reduce waste and keep costs down. They can also increase staff productivity and automate your network.

Improve and enhance your patients’s experience

Enrich your patients’s experience during their stay in the facility by offering a secure and high-performing wifi service that allows access to the internet and multimedia resources. Understand your patients’ behavior and needs through real-time analytics in order to improve satisfaction, customer loyalty and positive word of mouth.
Thanks to secure and efficient IT solutions, you can enable online booking services and access to remote diagnosis.

Protect sensitive data and your network infrastructure from cyber threats

Protect sensitive data circulating on your network infrastructure and ensure compliance with European regulations. Thanks to innovative cybersecurity solutions and latest-generation firewalls you can now protect your network infrastructure from any computer threat.

Why should one choose FiveFold?

Why should one choose FiveFold?

Download the FiveFold White Paper Healthcare section. Inside you’ll find useful data and all the latest market trends on how to implement quality IT services in your healthcare facility.