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FiveFold Retail

Improve customer
experience in your stores

FiveFold Retail

Improve customer
experience in your stores

Regardless of how many points of sale your brand owns, a complete and exciting customer experience is essential for any modern retailer.

Thanks to a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, in-depth data on customer behavior and advanced security measures, FiveFold makes the competitiveness available to every company with wireless and cybersecurity services.

IT managers, store managers and marketing operators aiming to protect the branch and creating high-level in-store experiences for both customers and employees, can now use the FiveFold ecosystem to guarantee a unique service..

In the FiveFold White Paper Retail section, you’ll find useful data and all the latest market trends. Take advantage of these helpful tips and understand the added value that quality IT services can bring to your brand.

What do we offer?

Free Consulting

We offer a free consulting service in order to understand our customers’ specific business needs and achieve complete and customized solutions.

Total Control

Complete visibility on the network, from your central site to the warehouses, through a single centralized dashboard.


Periodic reports on performance of the corporate network infrastructure to constantly monitor and improve business activities, as well as reducing costs.

Adjustable Prices

Adjustable payments with mostly fees without any initial investment. We are Cisco’s Premier partners

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FiveFold Monitoring Services - Analisi vulnerabilità

Data Analysis

Use the HeatMaps and Position Analysis to understand your client’s journey within a store or take advantage of iBeacon proximity marketing with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon technology integrated into Access Points.

FiveFold Monitoring Services - Assistenza telefonica

Support & Monitoring

Network monitoring and support service 24/7 provided by certified personnel with many years of experience in the sector.

Wireless Design

Planning and custom design to ensure quality and optimization of the IT infrastructure within your production chain. We evaluate and analyze your factory’s spaces and environments in order to modulate the network infrastructure and provide you with extraordinary performances.

Security First

You can easily manage all network access, warehouse management software and POS (point-of-sale) systems in order to make everything work without issues. Furthermore, it has never been easier to keep an eye on high-value merchandise and other corporate-owned resources anywhere in the world thanks to intelligent cameras for product monitoring.

Pre Deployment

Pre-configured Plug & Play infrastructure tested in our laboratories to reduce times and on-site implementation costs.

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Analyze in-store buyers’ behavior

The Presence/Location Analysis helps you generate insights into the use of mobile devices connected to WiFi, based on their position and motion patterns. Engage with your customers and assist them in relevant ways by offering personalized and contextual mobile content. Using location based applications you can now provide them with information and experience they desire.

Simplify Wi-Fi access for customers

Create an easy login portal for users. Multiple on-boarding options and a simple registration allow users a quick access, increasing customer acquisition and retention opportunities. Furthermore you can now provide targeted content through the dynamic welcome page.


Identify resources and people quickly and accurately. Allow your employees to communicate anywhere on-site via mobile devices, applying geolocation-based policies (on and off-site).

Protect your store and your brand

Surveillance analyses offer you only a first level defense. The video keeps track of motion in real time and evaluates anomalies. You can increase security and efficiency at a lower operating cost with integrated SD-WAN capabilities in every security appliance. An end-to-end cybersecurity architecture will also protect your brand and your resources before, during and after a cyber attack. Finally, with a highly secure and consolidated platform your customers’ data and your business will be protected.

Why should you choose

Why should you choose

In the FiveFold White Paper Retail section, you’ll find useful data and all the latest market trends. Take advantage of these helpful tips and understand the added value that quality IT services can bring to your brand.

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